The Town of
Glasgow, Virginia

Glasgow Community Watch

Glasgow Community Watch

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About this Organization

The Glasgow Community Watch is a program that is composed of concerned citizens willing to take a proactive approach to reducing crime and bringing the community closer together. The GCW is made up of several committees that are designed to assist local law enforcement and area residents with community concerns.

The Glasgow Community Watch is dedicated to assisting law enforcement with fighting crime in the community of Glasgow. We hope to do so by getting every single resident involved with our watch program. We hope that along the way, we can make Glasgow a better place to live by having patrols, window watches, community clean ups, reaching out to the citizens that live alone, and hosting events for the young people of the community. We are determined to make a difference, and we will with the help of residents like you.

The purpose of the public meetings, held the first Tuesday of every month at Town Hall at 7pm, is to inform you, the public, how we all can fight crime and make this community a safer place to live. It is also an avenue for getting ideas and opinions from our residents. Please feel free to voice your opinions and ideas as this is a community effort and all voices are welcomed.

Contact Information

If you would like to join community watch or you just want to help out for certain events please contact the Glasgow Police Department at 540-258-2732 . We will be happy to help you or guide you in the right direction. The Glasgow Community Watch welcomes and encourages everyone to participate.