The Town of
Glasgow, Virginia

LBC Cash Register

Charles and Nancey Landes own this antic cash register that was used during the days of the Locher Clay Product's Commissary Store. Nancy's father, the late William & Bill Blackburn, was the store manager there from around 1936 - 1992. Nancey states that she could remember when they use to buy everything from the Store, groceries, meat, feed, clothing, it was like the & Super Wal-Mart of the day. The Store also had a Panel truck that would deliver goods throughout the town. She said her father spoke of the time when the store use to accept script for payment.

To operate the cash register you had to know a combination. You had to pull the Pull Pins under the drawer in a certain combination or the drawer would not open. If you attempted to open the drawer and you did not pull the correct combination of Pull Pins, the bell inside the drawer would ring alerting the attendant that someone unfamiliar to the drawer was attempting to open it.

The light shown above currently hangs in Charles and Nancey Landes' living room. This light also came from the Locher Clay Product Commissary Store. Bill Blackburn received them from the company when the store upgraded to fluorescent lights. The copper pot pictured above came from the Locher Clay company as well. The Landes were unsure if the pot was used in the brick making process or if it was a product sold at the store.