The Town of
Glasgow, Virginia

Public Notices

Town Council Meetings are designed for the Town Council to conduct the business of the Town.  All meetings of Town Council are open to the public and Town Council encourages citizens to be involved in the community.  While input from the citizens of our community is welcomed and encouraged, disrupting the meetings with questions and/or comments is generally not the preferred method of providing input to Town Council.

Citizens shall have several methods in which to voice their opinions to Town Council at public meetings.  
First, when a Town Council agenda includes a public hearing on a particular subject, citizens are welcome to provide input on that subject for which the public hearing is being held.
Second, a public comment session shall be included as part of each agenda for all regularly scheduled Town Council meetings.  This public comment section of the agenda shall be held prior to the normal beginning of business on the agenda to give citizens an opportunity to provide input and ask questions about specific items on the agenda being considered by Town Council.  Citizen comments and/or questions shall only address items on the current agenda and the citizen shall indicate which item they wish to speak to prior to addressing Town Council.
Third, if a citizen wishes to discuss something that is not on the agenda or for which a public hearing is not being conducted, the citizen should contact the Town Manager one (1) week in advance of the Town Council meeting and request to be placed on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled meeting to address Town Council.  The citizen shall provide the Town Manager with sufficient information to inform Town Council and the public about the subject the citizen wishes to discuss.  Agendas are normally delivered to Town Council the Thursday prior to Town Council meetings, hence the one (1) week requirement.

All citizens are encouraged to remember that we should all conduct ourselves in a manner that makes us proud to be citizens of Glasgow, respects the rights of others and treats others with the same respect we expect to be shown.  If a citizen has concerns about personnel matters and/or job performance issues with a particular employee, the citizens shall refrain from discussing this matter publicly at a Town Council meeting.  The citizen is encouraged to discuss this matter with the Town Manager and/or Mayor at a time other than a public meeting.  Personal attacks on individual members of Town Council is not appropriate at Town Council meetings.  Citizens may certainly disagree with policy established by Council but refrain from making their opinions personal.