The Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of Town land and buildings, repairing water and sewer leaks, making new water and sewer connections, and under contract from VDOT they plow snow. This crew of two full-time and one part time employees also maintains our gravel roads, picks up brush and large items from the alleys, and performs other duties to the benefit of the Town and it’s residents. 

Town Wins Risk Management Performance Award

At their annual meeting in May, the Virginia Municipal League
Insurance Programs presented the Town of Glasgow with their 2006 Risk Management Performance Award. The award was presented by Culpepper Town Manager Brannon Godfrey to Town Council Member Darren Chesnut and Former Town Manager Drew Havens. This award recognizes the Town’s commitment to providing its employees with a safe working environment thus reducing workers compensation claims.

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Please do your part to help protect Virginia’s vital underground utility lines from damage. Remember, these lines provide you and your community with essential utility services such as gas, electricity, telephone, water and sewer.
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Chris Flint

Chris Flint is a full time public works employee. He came to us in February of 2006 from a construction back ground.