The Town of
Glasgow, Virginia


Rockbridge Area Transportation System - RATS
The Little Glasgow Shuttle Bus

You can shop, Go out to eat and enjoy time with friends.

Pick Up: Family Inn Resturant
Pick Up Time: 10:00 A.M.
Pick Up Date: Every Tuesday Starting Nov.2nd
Drop Off: Walmart Nov.2nd & Krogers Nov.9th

Each week we will alternate with Wal-mart and Krogers

Return Time: 2:00P.M.
Price: Under 5 Passengers $8.00 Round Trip - 5 or more passengers $5.00 Round Trip

Pilot Shuttle will run for 1 month. Continuation will depend on usage. 

Please limit bags to Carry on ONLY!

Thank You and if you have any questions please call 463-3346

Website: Click Here