The Town of
Glasgow, Virginia

Town Government

The Town of Glasgow was established by a Charter granted by the General Assembly on February 29, 1892. The Town is operated under the council-manager system of government. Legislative power is vested in the Town Council and the responsibility for the administrative and executive functions are delegated to the Town Manager, who is appointed by the Council.

Under direction from the Council, the Town Manager’s duties include responsibilities which, in a larger locality, would be assigned to specific personnel. These duties include treasurer, zoning administrator, director of public works, and others.

The Town provides services such as water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, refuse collection, maintenance of certain streets, police protection, and park and recreation facilities. Cooperation with Rockbridge County is essential to ensure services are provided efficiently and economically. State law mandates that the County provide certain services, and through other formal and informal agreements the two governments provide other services. Rockbridge County provides public schools, library facilities, health services, commissioner of the revenue, district and circuit courts, sheriff’s office, regional jail, GIS office, and financial support for fire and rescue services. Cooperatively the governments have worked to improve stormwater management practices, flood mitigation, recreational facilities, and water/ sewer service.

Mayor & Town Council

The Town Council consists of six members elected by written ballot. A Mayor is also elected, at-large, by written ballot. In 2004 the General Assembly granted a change in the Town’s charter to allow election schedules to be set by ordinance. In that year the Council adopted an ordinance which staggers the terms of the Council members, while leaving the term of office at two years. Minutes of Town Council meeting are available on the Glasgow Documents page of this site.

Councilwoman Clark
  Ruby Ogden Clark

Councilman Turner
  Michael Turner

  Serving Since 2008

 Councilwoman Dock Councilwoman
  Andrea Bradley


 Councilwoman Dock

  Sonny Williams


Administrative Assistant 

Town Attorney
Thomas Simons
C/O Thomas M. Simons, P.C.
202 South Randolph Street
Lexington, VA 24450
(540)- 463- 6016


Commissions & Committees

Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is appointed by the Town Council to serve staggered terms. The Commission is responsible for the development of the Comprehensive Plan and to make recommendations to Council regarding proposed subdivisions, ordinance amendments and other planning related issues. The Planning Commission meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 6PM @ Glasgow Town Hall.

  Bobby Hinkle, Chairman  Term Expires: 12/31/2019
  Reese McClanahan  Term Expires: 12/31/2018 
  Billy Davis  Term Expires 12/31/2017
  Vacancy  Term Expires 12/31/2016
  Vacancy  Term Expires 12/31/2015 


 Zoning Board
The Zoning Board is appointed by the Town Council, and also serves staggered terms and must include a member of the Planning Commission. This board hears matters relating to the interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance and hears requests for variances from the ordinance.

 Vacancy         Term Expires: 12/31/2019
 Reese McClanahan Term Expires: 12/31/2018 
 Vacancy Term Expires 12/31/2017 
 Daryl Cash Term Expires 12/31/2016 
 Vacancy Term Expires 12/31/2015 

The Mayor appoints committees of the Town Council to address specific issues as they arise and to make recommendations to Council regarding improvements in facilities and/or services. The Mayor also appoints a Parks and Recreation Committee to make recommendations related to improving our recreational facilities and open space.

Finance Committee Streets & Lights Committee Water & Sewer Committee
Mike Turner - Chair Andrea Bradley - Chair Roger Funkhouser - Chair
Jeremy Kilgore Monica Dock Sonny Williams

Ordinance Committee Communications Committee Community Strong Committee
Mike Turner - Chair Reese McClanahan Reese McClanahan
Sonny Williams Susan Wood Francesco diRinaldi
Bob Kindle Jeff Rankin
Natalie Harris Brandy Flint
Jade Harris Natalie Harris
Margaret Emore Monica Dock
Carolyn Bradley Bill Rolfe - Town Manager, Advisor
Lynda Miller
Bill Rolfe - Town Manager, Advisor

Parks & Recreation Committee
Aaron Britton
Kelly Sheets
Jimmy Emore
Margaret Emore